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Welcome to the official website of DfxClub which is an trading firm legally registered in Anguilla with Registration No.: 8200310 . Having many trading methods allows us to maintain a constant stable interest rate for our clients. Our service provides a highly lucrative return on investment along with a complete account privacy .Our trading are mainly tied in the stock, currencies, bond and gold trading have performed incredibly well over the last years . We are completely dedicated to support our mission and provide you the best-in-class financial service, and professional help .

Our main Principle is based on three main principles: guarantee, stability and with no risk with capital Investment which is why we put so much emphasis on safety . We are hosted on Topnotch Secured Dedicated servers & DDoS Protection and we have identity assurance warranted up to $250,000 by COMODO INC with unlimited re-issuance and High-Assurance Secure Server CA . Therefore, our members don't have to worry about unforeseen events that could disrupt the capital .

It is also worth noting that DfxClub is officially registered in DNB Commercial category with DUNS number 21-856-8621 , which puts us in front of a number of investment programs. We believe it will be a great global company in the world wide and the pioneer in the golden age of online business and above all , to become a leader in the field of Investment Programs.

DfxClub is warranted identity with very high assurance and security of transactions covered upto $250,000 with unlimited re-issuance.

DfxClub became incorporated on 1996 in England and Wales with Registration No.: 8200310.
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Truste provides identity & Privacy assurance of DfxClub by idependently confirming company address , managers staff , eligibility & financial reports.

Geo Trust Anti-Malware protected the most power full dedicated servers of DfxClub in the Montreal , Canada data centers with hourly malware and vulnerability scans.

DNB , Scoot, Touch Local and The Sun as most trusted UK business directories listed Visual LTD as secured financial service provider of the Dagenham , UK.

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