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Terms and Conditions

Mutual agreement

The current Terms of Service is a contract between you (hereinafter 'Customer') and DfxClub (hereinafter 'Company') that the Customer has to agree to in order to receive services provided by the Company. This contact defines as to how the Customer's business relationship with the Company should go.


Sign-up process requires the Customer to fill in and submit the questionnaire with basic personal information required as per KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations. The Customer agrees to provide only true and accurate information answering the questions provided in the questionnaire. This will be strictly enforced by the Company and any compromised data may result in limitations applied to the account until further clarification or notice.

Depositing Funds

Investment payments are processed using the accepted methods only. They include LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney , Egopay & SolidTrustPay payment processors. Investments are activated the same moment the Customer completes the payment and are irreversible which means the Customer cannot get a refund until the investment plan matures.

Crediting Interest Payments

Interest payments are credited on business days only which are Monday thru Friday. The Customer will have interest payments credited to his/her account and will be able to withdraw. In case the Customer decided to use compounding option, a certain (specified) amount of daily payments will be re-invested and will be returned upon investment plan expiry only along with the principal.

Withdrawing Funds

If the Customer has any available funds which are within the limits of allowed minimum/maximum withdrawals, he/she can request the funds for withdrawal to payment processor account. The Customer needs to sign in to his/her personal account, go to Withdraw section and specify the amount they wish to withdraw and payment requisites. All transactions, investments and / or withdrawals are deemed final and irreversible. All withdrawal requests are honored in a timely fashioned, and no more pending than 24hours. Please be patient. Profits are payed on Business days but withdrawal request are processed on all 7 days ( Monday-Sunday).

Closing Accounts/Refund Policy

If we have the reason to believe that the Customer is in violation in any way of any term of this Terms of Service, the Company reserves the right to apply limitations to Customer's account or refuse provision of further services. In this case, the Customer is not subject for a refund of the funds that were invested or available on their account balance at the moment of decision being made.

** If you do not agree with the above disclaimer, please do not go any further. **

I understand and fully agree to DfxClub Terms and Conditions of Service.

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