Our Security

While DfxClub strives to provide our customers a secure environment, we also recommend our customers not provide their details to any one as a means of enhancing security. DfxClub is NOT liable for any loss arising from your sharing of your User ID or password with anyone, NOR from their consequent unauthorized use.D ownloading free software, subscribing to free online services, clicking on deceptive pop-up boxes or simply visiting an interesting Web site may be putting your privacy and security at risk. If your login IDs or passwords automatically appear in the sign-in page of a secure Web site, you should disable the auto-complete function to increase the security of your information. If you are accessing DfxClub from cyber cafe, any shared computer or from a computer other than that of your own, please change your passwords after such use from your own PC at workplace or at house. Never share your passwords with others, including family members. Do not disclose your DfxClub password to anybody.

Money Transactions on DfxClub:

We have enforced SSL encryption on all dynamic response pages, to secure financial transactions and account changes per demand. We have Virtual Keyboard which adds an additional layer of security .

Privacy Policy & Costumer Support:

One of the key advantages of using our service is the fact that we ensure 100% confidentiality until asked otherwise in written notice. If you have been a victim of hacking, we advice you to contact our 24/7 technical support as there wasn't any case we weren't been able to solve yet. DfxClub support team is always at you service!

iWeb has been providing reliable and scalable Internet hosting infrastructure solutions with its dedicated servers , managed hosting and colocation services for over a decade. Today iWeb is one of the largest web hosts and Internet hosting infrastructures provider in Canada. iWeb is recognized for the quality of its customer service and 100% Uptime Guaranteed. Our servers are fully managed, constantly monitored & tested for back doors by highly experienced personal to ensure we have over 100% up-time service.

Clean Pipe DDoS Protection:
We are using IWEB solution with their protected DNS and 24/7 mitigation service it is very difficult to perform a distributed denial of service attacks. In addition, we have also developed a unique filtering system using both our software and high-end hardware Cisco firewall to enforce a clean traffic passage.

Server & Site Monitoring:
It's important for us to stay connected and make sure our site is available to you. That's why we use 24/7 monitoring service with specialist in stand-by.

Secure your Home Computer
Follow these steps to protect your computer

  • Anti-Virus Software must be Up-to-Date
  • Anti-Spyware Software must be Up-to-Date
  • Personal Firewall needed
  • Regular Installation of Security Updates (Best Automatic Option)
  • Your Wireless Home Network Protection
  • Exercise Caution with Wireless Hotspots
  • Minimize your online risk

Secure your Online Account
Follow these steps to protect you from internet fraud:

  • Protect Your Passwords
  • Do NOT use same Passwords
  • Protect Yourself from Phishing Scams
  • Do NOT Open Unexpected E-Mail (Especially with Attachments)
  • Do NOT E-Mail Personal or Financial Data
  • Do NOT Be a Victim of Session Stealing (Always use Logout button)

Our Payment Gateways